Baby Weight Percentile Calculator - Know Your Baby's Weight, Height

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Published: 31st December 2010
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To ensure that their baby is developing without any complications, it is necessary for parents to regularly check certain things, such as the circumference of the head, the length of the baby and most importantly, the weight gain experienced by a child. A steady gain in weight proves that the child is feeding well and is developing muscular and skeletal strength, as is expected at that particular time in his or her life. Baby weight percentile calculators have been designed to help parents get an approximation on the expected weight gained by their child from the time of birth. Information, such as date of birth of the child, and weight at birth, must be provided for the calculator to work efficiently.

A baby weight percentile chart is another commonly used option to keep a regular check on expected weight of a baby. Parents are required to feed in information on the chart to help record the weight of the growing child. Baby weight percentile charts are designed in the form of graphs to show the steady growth of the developing baby. After having recorded the baby’s weight on the baby growth chart, a parent will be able to determine whether the baby is in the percentile of healthy children or those that need to be supervised. A large number of children eat unhealthy foods, causing obesity at a very young age. The weight percentile charts carry information on good foods that should be consumed to regain good health and lose unnecessary weight.

Although weight percentile charts and calculators are available all over, it must be kept in mind that the percentile is calculated on the basis of data collected from specific regions. Therefore, children in European countries may weigh more than children from Asian countries because dietary habits in both continents are very different. Thus parents in one particular part of the world shouldn’t be too alarmed if they find that their child is either underweight or overweight, because the chart that is being used may have information collected from a different region altogether. Baby weight percentile calculator and charts are easy to use and are of great help in monitoring growth and development of a child.

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